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About Us

Tent is mobilizing the private sector to improve the lives & livelihoods of more than 20 million men, women & children forcibly displaced from their home countries.

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Our History

The Story of Tent

The Tent Partnership for Refugees was founded by Hamdi Ulukaya. As founder and CEO of Chobani, and an active donor to humanitarian organizations, Hamdi launched Tent because he believes the private sector is uniquely positioned to address the refugee crisis by mobilizing the networks, resources, innovation, and entrepreneurial spirit of the business community.

Our Approach

Tent works closely with businesses to help them develop and implement concrete commitments to support and empower refugees. We believe that companies have the greatest impact when they treat refugees not as victims, but as economically-productive workers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, and customers — and when they leverage their core business operations to hire refugees, integrate them into supply chains, invest in refugees, and deliver services to them.

Hiring & Supply Chains
Service Delivery
Impact Investment

Pearson is helping Syrian refugees & children living in host communities improve academics & build resilience. Working with refugee children, Pearson developed an engaging math learning app. The pilot will reach nearly 4,000 people, primarily students grades 4-6, over the next two years.

Service Delivery

Airbnb is providing temporary accommodations for 100,000 displaced people and supporting their local integration into communities across Europe and North America.

Service Delivery

“We want to help refugees in Europe beyond the immediate emergency. The idea is to help them secure a decent life for themselves and their families through work. We will do this by supporting those who have the skills and the mindset to create their own business and become entrepreneurs. This is a key priority for Generali and The Human Safety Net.”

Philippe Donnet, CEO, Generali Group

Generali, through the Human Safety Net, is empowering refugees to set up 500 new businesses by 2020. Starting in Germany and France, refugees can access a competitive 6-8 month program of incubation, training and funding to equip them with the skills, resources and tools for becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Impact Investment

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