Tent Founder, Hamdi Ulukaya, featured in Dutch documentary

In late 2019, as part of its “Matchmakers in Migration” series, Dutch broadcaster VPRO released a documentary telling the story of Hamdi Ulukaya, Founder of Tent and CEO of Chobani – the US’s number one Greek yogurt company. 

Exploring Ulukaya’s unique approach to business – focusing not only on profits, but on the social good a company can do – the documentary shines a light on the success that Ulukaya has found by including refugees in Chobani’s workforce. 

The documentary introduces viewers to refugee employees at Chobani’s factories in Utica, New York, and shows how they’ve integrated into the local community. As Hamdi explains in the film, “…in order to be a member of the new community you need to stay on your feet, you need to stand on your own, and provide for your own family so you can start moving forward… The minute you get a job, that’s the stop that’s the minute you stop being a refugee.”

Watch the film to learn more about Hamdi’s experience hiring refugees, and how it inspired him to start the Tent Partnership for Refugees.

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