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Opportunity Unlimited: Connecting displaced professionals from Ukraine to remote work

Tent and Upwork have launched a remote work initiative to connect displaced Ukrainians to freelance work opportunities.
Europe is seeing its largest refugee crisis since World War II – with over 5 million people having fled Ukraine and 8 million internally displaced. There is an urgent need to connect people from Ukraine with viable work opportunities while they are displaced so they can gain economic independence and provide for their families.

Opportunity Unlimited will connect global companies to skilled Ukrainian talent – particularly professionals in the IT and digital sectors – looking for remote freelance opportunities. In time, Tent and Upwork will grow the initiative to include more companies as well as other refugee populations like Syrians and Venezuelans.

Leading Companies Step Up As Hiring Partners

Genpact and Sutherland have joined the Opportunity Unlimited pilot as hiring partners. They will work closely with Tent and Upwork to hire professionals from Ukraine for remote projects.  

Opportunity Unlimited will be a key pillar of the Sunflower Project, Tent’s overarching effort for connecting Ukrainian women to work. 

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