Supporting Entrepreneurs

Supporting entrepreneurs to enhance the economic inclusion of refugees

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Supporting refugee entrepreneurs expands livelihood opportunities and boosts economic development for refugees and their host communities.

Supporting refugee entrepreneurs

Companies can support refugee entrepreneurs and small businesses, by investing in them, incubating them, and/or facilitating access to market.

“We want to help refugees in Europe beyond the immediate emergency. The idea is to help them secure a decent life for themselves and their families through work. We will do this by supporting those who have the skills and the mindset to create their own business and become entrepreneurs. This is a key priority for Generali and The Human Safety Net.”

Philippe Donnet, CEO, Generali Group

Generali, through the Human Safety Net, is empowering refugees to set up 500 new businesses by 2020. Starting in Germany and France, refugees can access a competitive 6-8 month program of incubation, training and funding to equip them with the skills, resources and tools for becoming successful entrepreneurs.


Research Reports Supporting Entrepreneurs
Global Businesses and Refugee Crises

Global businesses can make unique, sustainable, and valuable contributions to the refugee response by leveraging core business practices. This report, developed in partnership with the Center for Global Development, identifies three ways for companies to leverage their core business to help refugees.


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Hiring & Supply Chains

Including refugees in workforces and supply chains