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Policy Briefs
The Economic and Fiscal Effects of Granting Refugees Formal Labor Market Access

Many of the world’s 25 million refugees spend years unable to provide for themselves or contribute to their host economies because they are legally barred from working or owning businesses. Granting refugees formal labor market access unlocks a range of benefits—for refugees, hosts, and global businesses.

Policy Briefs Hiring / Supply Chains
Step Up: How to Get Refugees Into Work Quickly

Getting refugees into work is a top priority. It fast-tracks their integration into their new communities. This report, developed in conjunction with the Open Political Economy Network, outlines sixteen recommendations for governments, NGOs, and businesses to facilitate refugee employment and highlights best practices and promising new approaches.

Policy Briefs Other
Refugees Work: A Humanitarian Investment That Yields Economic Dividends

A study conducted by the Open Political Economy Network that highlights how accepting refugees and empowering them to succeed in the workforce can lead to significant economic growth, increased productivity and wages, new businesses and job, and increased international trade and innovation, among other benefits. The study demonstrates how investing one euro in welcoming refugees can yield nearly two in economic benefits within five years.

Policy Briefs Other
Crisis in Context: The Global Refugee Problem

This report attempts to place the current global refugee problem within a clearer context to allow for better informed policy decisions by all involved. The international response to the current forced displacement crisis has been deeply uneven, and this report proposes a series of recommendations to help address it.


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