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About us

Our Team

Scarlet Cronin, Vice-President, Americas & Global Strategy
Veronica (Noni) Rossini, Vice-President, Europe
Nick O'Flaherty, Director, UNSTUCK
Haiwen Lu Langworth, Director, Global Communications & Marketing
Ileana Cruz-Marden, Deputy Director, Americas & Global Strategy
Hélène van Melle, Deputy Director, Europe
Yaron Schwartz, Director, United States
Sophie Jama Malindi, Director, Canada
Yasmine Leroux, Director, France
Christian Schmidt, Director, Germany
Gerardo Ancira, Director, Mexico
Paulina Jaworska, Director, Poland
Amaia Elizalde, Director, Spain
Karin Heri, Director, Sweden
Jen Stobart, Director, U.K.
Sarah Fountain, Manager, U.S. Partnerships
Cecilia Figueroa Arrivillaga, Manager, U.S. Partnerships
Eleanor Paasche, Coordinator, U.S. Mentorship & Programs
Alli Casey, Senior Manager, Global Mentorship
Crissy Vicendese, Associate Director, Communications & Marketing
Philip Kyle, Communications Lead, Europe
Dajana Djedovic, Manager, Communications & Programs, Europe
Iman Vakil, Specialist, Communications and Programs, Europe 
Tony DiFlorio, Communications Manager
Karime Alvarez, Specialist, Design
Matt Caines, Writing and Research Lead
Jalen Small, Specialist, Research
Petra Berbari, Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, UNSTUCK
Juan Blanco, Senior Manager, UNSTUCK
Santiago Valdez, Manager, LatAm Supplier Relations, UNSTUCK
Tim Wang, Advisor, Data & Systems
Jenni Gargano, Chief of Staff
Jordan Ashwood, Senior Fellow

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