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Mentoring LGBTQ Refugees

In partnership with leading LGBTQ rights organizations, Tent has launched an initiative aimed at supporting LGBTQ refugees through mentorship.
LGBTQ refugees flee their home countries due to persecution and violence. But even when they arrive in their new host country, many still lack the support they need to integrate economically.

Businesses are well-positioned to address this challenge. By mobilizing employees to provide professional mentorship to LGBTQ refugees, businesses can play a critical role in helping LGBTQ refugees better navigate the job market and gain access to employment opportunities.

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Co-host of the North American LGBTQ Refugees Mentorship Initaitive

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Co-host of the UK LGBTQ Refugees Mentorship Initiative

Businesses are committing to mentor LGBTQ refugees

Over 40 companies have already joined Tent’s LGBTQ Refugees Mentorship Initiative.

Each of these companies has committed to mentor at least 50 LGBTQ refugees over three years.


companies to provide mentorship


LGBTQ refugees to be mentored

Participating Members

Major brands have joined Tent’s LGBTQ Refugees Mentorship Initiative, committing to leverage their workforce and LGBTQ Employee Resource Groups to provide professional guidance and support to LGBTQ refugees.

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