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Mentoring Hispanic Refugees

In partnership with the National Hispanic Corporate Council, Tent’s Hispanic Refugee Mentorship Program provides Hispanic refugees in the U.S. with support through mentorship, with the help of employee resource groups at participating companies.
The U.S. has welcomed hundreds of thousands of forcibly displaced people from Latin America over the past decade. While Hispanic refugees have diverse professional backgrounds, many still struggle to find jobs in the U.S. as they may lack local social and professional networks and familiarity with the U.S. job market, or have limited English language proficiency.

The U.S. business community is aptly positioned to address this challenge. By tapping into their own employee resources groups, businesses can play a critical role in supporting Hispanic refugees who are looking to restart their or advance in their careers.

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Co-host of the Hispanic Refugee Mentorship Initiative

Participating Companies

Major companies and leading brands have joined our Hispanic Refugee Mentorship Program, committing to leverage their workforce to provide professional guidance and support to Hispanic refugees.

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Learn more about our Refugee Women Mentorship Initiative in Europe and how companies can get involved.

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