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Mentoring Refugee Women

In partnership with Catalyst, an organization dedicated to building workplaces that work for women, Tent’s Refugee Women Mentorship Initiative supports refugee women, including Ukrainian refugee women, through mentorship.
While all refugees face employment barriers, refugee women in particular face an even bigger employment gap due to various obstacles, including structural gender inequality.

Businesses are well-positioned to address this challenge. By mobilizing their employees to provide professional mentorship to refugee women – including resume writing, best practices for job interviews, and insights into the local job market – businesses can play a critical role in helping this population gain employment. When refugee women find meaningful work, they can gain financial independence, develop a sense of belonging, and contribute to the economy.

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Co-host of the Refugee Women Mentorship Initiative

Participating Companies

Major companies and leading brands have joined our Refugee Women Mentorship Program, committing to leverage their workforce to provide professional guidance and support to women refugees.

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