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Refugees often have prior work experience and higher education before arriving in their new host country. Yet, many struggle to restart their careers in their new communities due to unfamiliarity with the local job market and lack of personal and professional networks, among other things. ​​Complementing Tent’s mission of connecting refugees to work, Tent’s mentorship initiatives pair refugees with mentors from leading companies who will help them put together a career strategy, strengthen their resume and cover letter, practice their interview skills, and build their professional network. 

Tent manages mentorship programs for refugee women, Afghan refugees, LGBTQ refugees, and Hispanic refugees. NGOs can play a key role in referring refugees from these communities to Tent’s professional mentorship programs.

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Tent’s mentorship programs are free for mentees and all forcibly displaced people in the U.S. are eligible to participate, including asylum seekers, asylees, humanitarian parolees, refugees, TPS holders, and victims of human trafficking. 

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