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Our Work

Tent is mobilizing the private sector to improve the lives and livelihoods of the more than 25 million men, women and children who have been forcibly displaced from their home countries.

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Working with businesses, nonprofits, governments, & multilateral organizations to spur private sector action in response to the global refugee crisis

As traditional actors struggle to cope with the global refugee crisis – with ever-increasing numbers of refugees, displaced for longer periods of time – it is clear that the private sector has a more important role than ever before.

Tent works with businesses to help them identify and understand opportunities to help refugees. When companies are ready to take concrete actions, Tent works closely with them to develop and implement tangible commitments to support refugees, including by hiring, purchasing from, investing in, and providing critical services to refugees. By focusing on core business commitments, we believe that the private sector can create more sustainable and scalable solutions to engage and empower refugees as employees, entrepreneurs and consumers.

Tent also commissions research and analysis and provides small grants with the goal of catalyzing private sector action in support of refugees.

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Focus Area

Hiring & Supply Chains

Companies can advance their businesses and improve the livelihoods of refugees by hiring refugees as employees, sourcing from refugee-owned businesses, and sourcing from businesses that employ refugees.

Featured Partners

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Focus Area

Service Delivery

Businesses can reach refugees directly and engage refugees as customers by adapting their goods, services, and delivery systems to meet the needs of refugee communities.

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Focus Area

Supporting Entrepreneurs

Companies can support refugee entrepreneurs and small businesses by investing in them, incubating them, and/or facilitating access to market.

“We want to help refugees in Europe beyond the immediate emergency. The idea is to help them secure a decent life for themselves and their families through work. We will do this by supporting those who have the skills and the mindset to create their own business and become entrepreneurs. This is a key priority for Generali and The Human Safety Net.”

Philippe Donnet, CEO, Generali Group
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