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A New Approach to Supporting Refugees

With more and more refugees displaced for longer periods of time, businesses have a critical role to help them integrate economically into their host communities.

We encourage companies to think beyond traditional philanthropy. We work with businesses to include refugees by engaging them as potential employees, entrepreneurs, and consumers. When companies take this approach, they are not only helping refugees, they also see considerable business benefits.

The Business Case for Supporting Refugees

Strengthen the Workforce

Refugees can bring new skills and experiences to a company’s workforce, address talent gaps, and reduce attrition.

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Drive Brand Loyalty

Consumers increasingly expect brands to reflect their values and act with integrity. By supporting refugees, brands can earn consumer loyalty and drive sales.

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Increase Employee Engagement

Employees are more loyal to companies supporting social causes. By helping refugees, businesses can increase employees’ engagement, productivity and retention.

Hiring & Training

Companies can harness refugees’ talent and resilience by training, hiring, and integrating them into their own workforce.

Leveraging Supply Chains

Companies can encourage their suppliers and vendors to hire refugees, and they can source more from businesses employing refugees.

Supporting Entrepreneurship

Companies can support refugee entrepreneurs by providing loans, training them, or facilitating access to market.

Tailoring Products

Companies can engage refugees as customers by tailoring their products to better meet the needs of refugees.

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