Hiring & Training

Accenture Netherlands committed to hiring 100 refugees and establishing 150 new mentorship opportunities between Accenture employees and refugee talents by 2025. In addition, Accenture will organize 15 training events around IT skill development and invite at least 10 business partners to support the integration of refugee talent. Overall, by 2025, Accenture will invest €1 million in refugee employment integration in the Netherlands.


Accenture committed to supporting a skill-development program for 60 Venezuelan refugees in the north of Brazil to help them either find employment opportunities or start their own businesses in partnership with Migraflix, an NGO providing livelihoods support to refugees in Brazil. Of the group that is seeking employment, Accenture will aim to hire refugees who qualify for their open positions, or help them find jobs at other companies in Brazil. In Colombia, Accenture committed to launching a research project with the IDB and Colombian government to assess the challenges facing refugees integrating into the workforce and to identify opportunities for the private and public sectors to address those issues.

In-kind Donation

Accenture committed to providing over $3 million in financial support and in-kind strategic consulting, program management, and digital services to support the Partnership for Refugees and Upwardly Global. Regarding Upwardly Global, Accenture is expanding its refugee workforce programs in the United States and globally as aligned to its global Skills to Succeed program. Accenture is also collaborating with UNHCR to launch a connectivity strategy for refugees and with USA for UNHCR through the Accenture Innovation Challenge to increase its impact on refugees while raising awareness among graduate students nationally.



In 2020, Accenture committed to mentoring 50 LGBTQ refugees in Ottawa, Toronto, and Vancouver over three years.