Hiring & Training

Allianz is part of Tent España, exploring opportunities to help refugees enter the labor market, including through employment or job preparation.

Allianz is hiring refugees in Germany and Australia, additionally works with refugees in as vendors i.e., in Malaysia. Allianz will explore additional training and hiring opportunities for refugees in other countries. In response to the war in Ukraine, Allianz has created a job portal to match applications from displaced Ukrainians with possible positions at the company.

Financial Donation

Allianz is providing 10 million euros to NGOs that are helping refugees and internally displaced people directly impacted by the war in Ukraine. In addition, Allianz is matching grants for its employees to donate money to NGOs.

In-kind Donation

Allianz is providing car insurance solutions to refugees from Ukraine.  Specifically, Ukrainian refugees crossing the border can get insured by temporary Allianz-supported insurance solutions in neighboring countries and other European countries, to cover the lack of green card car insurance. This will make it easier for displaced Ukrainians to travel throughout Europe.