Hiring & Training

At least 500 refugees will complete Ben & Jerry’s business incubator program and be hired for part-time employment in Europe by 2023.

Ben & Jerry’s is part of Tent UK and Tent España, exploring opportunities to help refugees enter the labor market in these two countries, including through employment or job preparation.


Ben & Jerry’s committed to expanding its program which piloted in the UK in 2017 working with refugee entrepreneurs in 2018.

In-kind Donation

Ben & Jerry’s committed to launching the European-wide Together for Refugees Campaign in partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC). Through the campaign, launched on World Refugee Day 2017, Ben & Jerry’s and the IRC are asking fans to urge their representatives to agree on a historic new piece of legislation (the “Union Resettlement Framework”); that would create a more coordinated response to the refugee crisis through refugee resettlement. Ben & Jerry’s has created a digital tool that enables citizens to email their representatives directly at benjerry.com/refugees and help ensure that some of the world’s most vulnerable people don’t have to take dangerous journeys to reach safety. Ben & Jerry’s has committed to using all of their communication channels to amplify the campaign, including digital, PR, events and an all new awareness-raising flavor Home Sweet Honeycomb.