Commitment Types: Hiring & Training
Hiring & Training

In 2023, Blackstone joined five companies in collectively committing to hire 1,750 refugees, including Ukrainian refugee women, over three years across Europe.

In 2022, Blackstone committed to creating employment opportunities for 2,000 refugees globally, including 1,500 refugees in the United States, over three years. Blackstone will work with its portfolio companies, third-party operators, and real estate properties to hire refugees, and provide a range of hands-on support, including sharing best practices on refugee integration, and helping to identify refugee talent through local refugee hiring fairs. This commitment builds on Blackstone’s efforts to support its portfolio companies as they have hired nearly 500 refugees globally, including nearly 400 in the United States.

Blackstone is part of Tent U.S. and Tent UK, exploring opportunities to help refugees enter the labor market, including through employment or job preparation.