Hiring & Training

In 2022, Deloitte committed to hiring 250 refugees and training 250 refugees over three years in the United States.

Also in 2022, Deloitte committed to hiring 25 refugees in the Netherlands over five years. Deloitte will provide training and internships to a number of the refugees who participate in Microsoft’s Azure Academy, and will continue to provide web-development training to refugees via its partnership with the NGO, Hack Your Future.

Deloitte is part of Tent U.S., Tent Canada, Tent España, and Tent UK, exploring opportunities to help refugees enter the labor market in these four countries, including through employment or job preparation.

Deloitte is helping provide better access to employment and supporting the economic inclusion of Ukrainian refugee women in Europe.


In 2022, Deloitte committed to mentoring 20 refugees in the Netherlands as part of its Future Academy, and intends to reach 100 refugees with mentorship over five years.

In-kind Donation

Deloitte’s Refugee Community of Interest, an employee group committed to refugee inclusion, has pledged over 300,000 airline miles to assist refugees and asylum seekers with their resettlement travel in collaboration with Miles4Migrants. 

Deloitte has also provided consulting services to refugee resettlement agencies to help them develop technology tools and new processes to address housing challenges faced by refugees.


Deloitte has published a number of research reports regarding refugee integration, including a guidebook with the Tent Partnership for Refugees on leading practices for fostering an inclusive workplace for refugee employees; and a report on how to use technology to improve the U.S. refugee resettlement system.