Commitment Types: Hiring & Training Mentorship
Hiring & Training

In 2022, Hilton committed to hiring 1,500 refugees over three years in the United States. Hilton’s hotel properties will provide its refugee employees with tailored resources and support, such as ESL assistance. This commitment builds on Hilton’s efforts to hire hundreds of refugees in the U.S. to date.

Hilton has also committed to building on existing efforts to impact 16,000 refugees by 2030 by providing hospitality skills training, in-kind donations and volunteer hours to refugee organizations, and offering employment opportunities. 

Hilton is part of  the Tent Coalition for Refugees in the U.S. and Canada, exploring hiring and training opportunities in those countries.

Hilton is also part of the Sunflower Project, Tent’s initiative to accelerate the economic inclusion of Ukrainian refugee women in Europe through better access to employment.


In 2020, Hilton committed to mentoring 50 LGBTQ refugees in Dallas, Washington DC, and London over three years.

In 2021, Hilton committed to mentoring 50 refugee women in Germany, Spain, and the United Kingdom over three years.