Hiring & Training

Ingka Group (IKEA retail) committed to supporting at least 2,500 refugees through job training and language skills initiatives in 300 IKEA stores in 30 countries by 2022. Once refugees have completed these programs at IKEA stores, they will be encouraged to apply for open positions. Ingka does this because it is the right thing to do but also because it makes business sense.

In Canada, IKEA has launched a national refugee employment initiative to help refugees join the workforce, develop new skills and integrate into communities across the country. As part of this initiative, IKEA Canada will hire 250 refugees within three years.

Supply Chain

Ingka also committed  to selling even more of the IKEA textile collections that it sources from Jordan made by refugee and local Jordanian women. Ingka currently sells these products in 5 countries and will scale to 30. This will increase the number of refugees and local Jordanian women IKEA employs in Jordan, from 250 to 400 in 2022.

In Jordan, IKEA committed to providing employment opportunities through its supply chain for both refugees and their host communities. IKEA suppliers will employ Jordanian and refugee women at its production center to produce hand-woven rugs, textiles and other products. IKEA will start by employing 200 refugees and Jordanians and will sell their artisan products in the IKEA store in Jordan by year end, in the Middle East by mid next year and other global stores will start receiving products by 2019 onwards.

Financial Donation

The IKEA Foundation committed to continuing its support of programs and partners aimed at strengthening the resilience of refugee communities and creating livelihood opportunities for refugee and host populations in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Jordan.

The IKEA Foundation also committed to providing another 100 million EUR in grants over the next five years for programs that help refugees to improve their incomes and become more self-reliant. In 2020 the foundation committed to providing an additional 100 million EUR in grants over the next five years.