Financial Donation

Inditex has provided financial support, since 2008, to NGOs working directly with refugees and displaced people, including Jesuit Refugee Service and Médecins Sans Frontières, for their efforts in Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Bangladesh, Syria, and Turkey, among others.

Hiring & Training

Through its Salta Program, Inditex is providing targeted training and job opportunities for vulnerable groups, including refugees and other forced migrants, leading to more than 100 jobs for refugees in Inditex’s stores, factories, and logistics centers in Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, and Spain to-date. It is also providing job opportunities to refugees through ordinary recruitment channels.

In-kind Donation

Since 2017, Inditex has donated more than half a million items of clothing to support refugees and migrants.

Financial Donation

Since 2016, Inditex has been funding a pioneering academic initiative at Madrid’s Universidad Pontificia Comillas to deepen academic and applied research on refugees. The program has four components: researching refugee public policy and social integration programs, sponsoring postgraduate students in refugee regions to collaborate with refugee-support organizations, training students in the professional field of forced migration and refuge, and fostering greater public awareness of the refugee experience.