Hiring & Training

In 2022, LinkedIn committed to providing training and/or tailored employment resources to 18,000 refugees globally over three years, including to approximately 6,000 refugees in the United States. LinkedIn will make it easier for refugees to prepare for and find employment by: distributing 2,000 LinkedIn Premium licenses to refugees through nonprofit partners; facilitating one-on-one coaching sessions to 1,000 refugees to help them optimize their LinkedIn profiles and job application materials; and helping 15,000 refugees find jobs on LinkedIn through a refugee-focused jobs portal and dedicated resources which will be translated into several key languages.

LinkedIn is part of the Tent U.S. and Tent UK, exploring opportunities to help refugees enter the labor market in these two countries, including through employment or job preparation.

Tailoring Products

LinkedIn committed to growing its refugee initiative, Welcoming Talent, to additional countries beyond Sweden. LinkedIn is taking a different strategy in expanding to Canada by integrating LinkedIn training curriculum into economic empowerment and employment programs, in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s office and two local NGOs, and scaling this approach with the IRC to expand in global markets.