Hiring & Training

In 2021, ManpowerGroup joined the Tent Coalition for Afghan Refugees, committing to explore hiring and training opportunities for Afghans in the U.S..

Tailoring Products

ManpowerGroup is helping refugees connect to meaningful career opportunities. Since 2015, Manpower has helped over 3000 refugees gain new skills or competencies to find jobs in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, UK and Germany. ManpowerGroup is also working with its roster of company clients to educate them on the diverse pool of refugee talent.

ManpowerGroup committed to scaling its efforts to connect refugees to sustainable employment in the Netherlands to reach an additional 250 refugees by 2020. ManpowerGroup will do this by building on its efforts in 2018, which connected 500 employees with jobs in the Netherlands by working with its clients, several business partners, Dutch Refugee Council and the Association for Refugee Students (UAF). In addition, ManpowerGroup will explore opportunities to scale up local initiatives in Latin America, the Nordics, UK and Germany.

Additionally, ManpowerGroup committed to placing refugees in jobs in Mexico by working with its clients, as well as UNHCR, COMAR and Casa Refugiados. ManpowerGroup will train refugees to prepare them for the job search process and also provide them with legal assistance to ensure they can work legally.