Commitment Types: Hiring & Training Mentorship
Hiring & Training

In 2023, PepsiCo committed to hire 500 refugees, including Ukrainian refugee women, across its European operations over three years.

In 2022, PepsiCo committed to hiring 500 refugees over three years in the United States.

Also in 2022, PepsiCo North West Europe committed to hiring or providing internships across its offices and production facilities to 30 refugees in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the Nordics over five years. PepsiCo North West Europe will do this by partnering with NGOs, including the Refugee Talent Hub in the Netherlands, and by hosting recruitment events for refugee job candidates.

PepsiCo is part of the Tent U.S., exploring opportunities to help refugees enter the labor market, including through employment or job preparation.


In 2021, PepsiCo committed to mentoring 50 refugee women in Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands over three years.