Commitment Types: Mentorship In-kind Donation

In 2021, Reckitt committed to mentoring 50 LGBTQ refugees in Mexico City over three years.

In-kind Donation

Reckitt, through its brand Durex, is supporting efforts to provide sexual health and reproductive health education to refugees. Reckitt has partnered with The Unmentionables, an NGO, and has developed a smartphone app and web-platform called “UnFiltered”, to ensure those who need sexual health and reproductive health education can access it anywhere. Reckitt is now working to roll out “UnFiltered” to school educational boards globally in 2019, with the goal of having 250,000 people download the app and 50,000 people complete one module in 2019. Outside of “UnFiltered”, Reckitt is also exploring other opportunities to support The Unmentionables in their wider work with the refugee community.