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Tailoring Products

Signify has provided lighting solutions to community centers, schools and homes that support refugee populations in Bangladesh, Lebanon, and Tanzania – reaching more than 50,000 refugees to date. In addition, Signify has established an income-generating project for refugees in Tanzania, where female refugee entrepreneurs rent out solar lanterns to community members for nominal fees.

Signify Foundation committed to contributing to better living conditions for refugees and asylum seekers by enabling improved energy access and livelihood opportunities in Rhino camp in northwestern Uganda. Specifically, over the next two years, Signify Foundation will provide five community lighting centers, areas that are about the size of a small soccer field and are lit by a new generation of highly efficient solar powered LED lighting systems, that will reach at least 5,000 refugees. These centers allow for a solar powered kiosk to be available for supporting a small business relevant to the needs of the community. 30 young refugees will be trained with technical and business skills so they can provide ongoing maintenance and management of the centers. In addition, Signify Foundation will support the Danish Refugee Council with funds to help refugees start small businesses. This is a replication of Signify Foundation’s partnership with the Danish Refugee Council where a similar intervention provided access to energy and livelihoods in Tanzania.