Commitment Types: Hiring & Training Mentorship
Hiring & Training

In 2023, SUEZ and its subsidiary Rebond Insertion committed to train and hire 110 refugees in France over three years in positions such as heavy-duty mechanics, drivers, water network workers and maintenance technicians. Suez will also provide social support for these employees.

SUEZ has hired refugees under the HOPE program in France (a government effort which helps refugees find employment). The Group partners with Humando, an organization dedicated to inclusive recruitment, to train and hire refugees under a project called LOTUS. In addition, through its social business “SUEZ Rebond Insertion”, SUEZ places 20 refugees annually in France into its own workforce as well as with its clients.

SUEZ has signed a charter with the French Office of Immigration and Integration (OFII) stipulating concrete hiring needs and support programs for work readiness of refugees.

SUEZ is part of Tent France and Tent UK, exploring opportunities to help refugees enter the labor market in these two countries, including through employment or job preparation.


SUEZ started mentoring refugees in Paris, including providing workplace training and helping refugees expand their professional networks.

In 2021, SUEZ committed to mentoring 50 refugee women in France over three years.