Commitment Types: Hiring & Training Mentorship
Hiring & Training

In 2022, Tyson Foods committed to hiring 2,500 refugees over three years in the United States. Tyson Foods will provide its refugee employees with on-site classes through its Upward Academy and Upward Pathways Programs, including professional skills training, English as a Second Language courses, citizenship and legal assistance, General Educational Development certification, digital literacy classes, and financial literacy training. The company is also addressing transportation issues, access to healthcare, and childcare for its employees. This commitment builds on Tyson Foods’ efforts to hire hundreds of refugees, providing them with economic opportunity and social support to integrate into the company and their communities.

Tyson Foods is part of the Tent Coalition for Refugees in the U.S., exploring hiring, training, and mentoring opportunities for refugees across the country. 


In 2023, Tyson Foods committed to mentoring 50 refugee women over three years in cities across the United States.