Hiring & Training

Virgin Mobile Colombia employed more than 200 Venezuelan refugees in Colombia in 2019, including in sales roles at retail stores and as vendors throughout the country. 


Working with Virgin companies around the world, Virgin Management has supported and initiated refugee action both through advocacy and core business integration. Virgin Megastore Middle East has partnered with Made51, a project led by UNHCR, to sell products made by refugee artisans at Virgin Megastore retail locations and online.


Virgin Management and Sir Richard Branson have engaged in public advocacy to mobilize government and business support for refugees and migrants around the world. Virgin Management is a co-founder of the Business Refugee Action Network.

Financial Donation

Virgin Unite, Virgin’s entrepreneurial foundation, worked with the B Team on the report Refugees & Migrants – An Opportunity For Humanity, which outlines a case for business action on refugees. In addition, Virgin Unite has provided financial support to the Business Refugee Action Network.