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Australian Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees

By The Friendly Nation Initiative & Migration Council of Australia | February 2019
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Friendly Nation Initiative by the Migration Council of Australia

Employing refugees is an impactful and sustainable way for companies to support refugees and benefit their business at the same time. The Australian Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees is a practical toolkit intended to help employers who are interested in hiring refugees in Australia but don’t know where to start. The guide is intended to help companies design and implement refugee employment programs that will be maximally successful for employers and refugees alike. It contains essential information related to refugee recruitment and employment, including:

  • Information on refugee populations in Australia
  • The business benefits of hiring refugees
  • Best practices for recruiting refugee employees
  • Common barriers – and solutions – to refugee hiring and integration
  • Case studies from companies hiring refugees in Australia

This guide was a collaboration between the Tent Partnership for Refugees and the Friendly Nation Initiative, an offshoot of the Australia-based Migration Council focused on helping companies recruit refugee employees in Australia.