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A New Home at Work: an Employer’s Guide to Fostering Inclusion for Refugees in the Workplace

Tej Mehta, David Leathers, Devon Dickau, and Heather Reilly | March 2019

Deloitte Insights

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Refugee employment initiatives are most successful – for both employers and refugee employees – when companies create inclusive workplaces for their refugee employees. Frequently, creating these environments requires a tailored approach that goes a step beyond companies’ existing diversity & inclusion practices. To help companies get started, A New Home at Work offers guiding principles, inclusion initiatives, action steps, case studies, and anecdotes based on research and interviews with 90+ employers, refugee employees, and other experts. By deploying these initiatives, employers have a unique opportunity to improve the lives of refugees while also bettering the businesses in which they work.

This guide was a collaboration between the Tent Partnership for Refugees and Deloitte Consulting LLP, which serves its clients through cutting-edge solutions that engage diverse talent; build inclusive leaders; and foster innovative, courageous, and equitable cultures.