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Employment and integration in Europe: How businesses can hire refugee women and gain a talented workforce

Written by Economist Impact, sponsored by the Tent Partnership for Refugees | November 2021

In addition to the critical obstacles that confront refugee women in their countries of origin, they also face major challenges once they arrive and settle in a European host country. One of the most significant hurdles is finding fair, stable and meaningful work, which not only provides income to support themselves and their families, but also supercharges their integration into new communities.

This report, written by the Economist Impact and sponsored by the Tent Partnership for Refugees, aims to diagnose these challenges to help companies understand how they can reduce those barriers and support the integration of refugee women into the European workforce. The research makes the strategic business case for hiring refugee women, a highly resilient and talented potential workforce, and presents case studies of four companies that have successfully implemented programmes for hiring and integrating refugee women.

Finally, the report offers actionable recommendations for European businesses that seek to recruit refugee women and develop programmes that help them succeed in the workplace.