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How companies can mentor refugee women in Europe

By Refugee Talent Hub, Catalyst, and the Tent Partnership for Refugees | November 2021
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Refugee women face a double disadvantage when it comes to finding work and advancing their careers. In addition to the obstacles all refugees face when being forced to flee their home countries and having to start over in a new country — including language barriers, limited access to resources like transportation, and lack of professional and social networks — refugee women face the added burden of gender inequality in the workplace. Mentorship can be incredibly beneficial in helping refugee women strengthen their professional skills, navigate a new job market, learn about workplace norms, and work towards their career goals in their new host country. A mentor can offer career guidance, provide feedback on resumes and cover letters, and help their mentee develop their professional network.

This step-by-step guide provides the building blocks for companies to develop a mentorship program for refugee women, with a focus on professional development.

It includes: 

  • Background on the challenges and opportunities faced by refugee women when trying to enter the European job market.
  • Information for Mentorship Coordinators on how to recruit mentors, connect with a partner organization, match mentors and mentees, prepare mentors, and measure impact. 
  • Information for mentors, including suggested content for each meeting with their mentees. 

This guide was a collaboration between the Tent Partnership for Refugees, Refugee Talent Hub, and Catalyst. Refugee Talent Hub is a non-profit organization based in the Netherlands dedicated to connecting employers and job-seeking refugees. Catalyst is a global nonprofit dedicated to building workplaces that work for women.