Research Reports

The Experience of Venezuelan Refugees in Colombia and Peru

By Mark Feierstein and Kalindi Winfield | September 2019

Research was authored by Mark Feierstein and Kalindi Winfield at GBAO

In the face of the Venezuelan refugee crisis – which has pushed millions of Venezuelans into other countries and is already the largest refugee crisis in Latin American history – it is imperative that companies in the region be part of the response. The Experience of Venezuelan Refugees in Colombia and Peru provides valuable insight into the lives and livelihoods of Venezuelan refugees and the opportunities for the business community to support them. 

This report – which draws on a poll of 600 Venezuelan refugees in Colombia and Peru, conducted by face-to-face interviews from July 31 to August 14, 2019 – sheds light on the long-term nature of Venezuelan refugees’ displacement, gaps in their integration into the Colombian and Peruvian economies, opportunities for integrating them into local labor markets, and more. This research is intended to make it easier and more compelling for companies to engage with Venezuelan refugees as productive members of their new communities throughout Latin America.

This research was a collaboration between the Tent Partnership for Refugees and GBAO Strategies, a research and strategy firm offers broad expertise in survey research and strategic consulting in corporate communications, branding strategy, international relations, and political campaigns at all levels of government.