From Damascus to London: Arup apprentice in the UK featured in Tent’s new podcast episode

Tent’s podcast “Refugees at Work” celebrates the contributions of refugees to their communities and economies. Our second episode features a young woman, Hiba from Damascus, Syria, who — like millions of other Syrians who have been displaced by civil war –, fled her home country in 2015 to  build a new life in the UK.

We spoke to Hiba about how she began to integrate into her new community, including by mastering the English language and navigating the British apprenticeship system. “I thought of it as an opportunity to know my community better, the place, the people, and how everything works,” she said. When she left Syria, Hiba was a university student with dreams of working in the engineering field. Now, she is an apprentice at Arup, a global engineering and architecture firm, and a member of the Tent Partnership for Refugees.

Hiba said the opportunity at Arup has made her feel like part of her new community. “I really appreciate how companies like Arup try to make it easier for people like me to get into the professional world and the job market.” With this first professional experience in the UK, she is building a solid foundation for what is sure to be an inspiring career. 

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