Tent launches new podcast “Refugees at Work”

To mark World Refugee Week 2020, Tent is launching Refugees at Work, a new podcast celebrating refugees’ contributions to their communities and economies. The podcast shines a spotlight on refugees as they build their lives in their new homes around the world. Each episode of Refugees at Work tells the story of one refugee in the workplace. 

For our first episode, we spoke to Vanig Garabedian, a refugee from Syria who’s currently working at TD Bank in Toronto, Canada – a member of the Tent Partnership. In Syria, Vanig was a successful obstetrician and gynecologist. Now, he’s hoping to give back to his new community by putting his medical skills to work on the frontlines of the coronavirus response – with the full support of his proud colleagues at TD Bank.

On his experience integrating into the Canadian workforce, Vanig said: “If somebody had a chance to sit at my desk in my office, that person would see the entire world in one place – you may see people from every country in the world. That means that for TD Bank, diversity is a value. For them, you are a Canadian, and you are a family member at TD. And if other organizations can take this TD experience as a role model… they will have better business.” 

Listen and subscribe to Refugees at Work on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Keep an eye out for future episodes to hear from refugees working at leading companies, running their own businesses, and more. You’ll be inspired by their stories of dedication, resilience, and courage. 

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