Ukraine Crisis: An update from Tent

In the seven days since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, more than 870,000 refugees have been forced to flee Ukraine to neighboring countries, with the majority going to Poland. While this is a staggering number in such a short space of time, experts predict that this refugee crisis could grow to between 4 and 5 million if a swift resolution to Russia’s invasion isn’t found. (See here for the latest figures.)

So much remains unknown about where refugees will settle within the region, as well as if and when they will be able to safely return to Ukraine. Tent stands ready to work with companies that are looking to support refugees from Ukraine in any number of ways. This includes working with companies on hiring and training Ukrainians, and other refugees, if and when the time comes. However, in the immediate term, we encourage companies to support the work of organizations that are responding to the urgent humanitarian needs of Ukrainians. Below is a non-exhaustive list, highlighting some of the organizations that are providing life-saving support during this time: 

  • UNHCR is working to provide humanitarian relief for all affected populations in Ukraine and countries in the region
  • HIAS operates locally in Ukraine in partnership with Right to Protection (R2P), an independent Ukrainian NGO
  • The International Rescue Committee (IRC) recently launched operations in Poland and is preparing to support displaced people in the country and provide humanitarian aid
  • The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), is an independent humanitarian organization helping people forced to flee 
  • Save the Children is focused on delivering humanitarian aid to children and their families
  • World Central Kitchen is serving hot nourishing meals to Ukrainian families fleeing home as well as to residents who remain in the country
  • Rainbow Railroad is helping LGBTQ Ukrainians relocate as they seek safe haven from violence and persecution

As the situation evolves, we will share more about Tent’s plans, and how companies can get involved.

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