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The Sunflower Project: An Initiative to Accelerate the Economic Inclusion of Ukrainian Refugee Women in Europe

Between 4-5 million refugees from Ukraine have fled to countries west of Ukraine since February 2022 – overwhelmingly women. Many of them are likely to remain displaced over the coming years, even if Russian violence subsides.

The Sunflower Project was a pan-European initiative from the Tent Partnership for Refugees running from June 2022 to June 2023 focussed on accelerating the economic inclusion of Ukrainian refugee women through better access to employment.

The Tent European Business Summit

The Sunflower Project culminated in the Tent European Business Summit in Paris on June 19, which saw the most significant set of business commitments ever made to advance the economic integration of refugees. Leading employers and staffing agencies across the continent made commitments that will strengthen companies’ workforces, fill labor gaps, and boost European economies – generating over €2 billion in income for refugees across Europe each year.

Companies Stepped up in Unprecedented Ways in Support of Ukrainian Refugees

At the Tent European Business Summit 41 companies stepped up and pledged to provide over 250,000 Ukrainian refugee women and other refugees with jobs and training across Europe.

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