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The Sunflower Project: an initiative to accelerate the economic inclusion of Ukrainian refugee women in Europe

Five million refugees from Ukraine are currently displaced. Many — at least one million Ukrainian women — are likely to remain displaced in Europe over the coming years, even if Russian violence subsides.

The Sunflower Project is a pan-European initiative from the Tent Partnership for Refugees to accelerate the economic inclusion of tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugee women through better access to employment.

A highly-qualified talent pool

A recent survey showed that around two-thirds of Ukrainian refugees are mothers with higher education degrees or highly qualified specialists from sought-after professions. The Sunflower Project will help Ukrainian refugee women overcome common hurdles that may prevent them from fully participating in the workforce – such as low local language proficiency, limited social or professional networks, and childcare and domestic burdens.

Companies Are Stepping Up Across Europe

As part of the Sunflower Project, Tent is working with 50+ companies to support Ukrainian refugee women, including through direct hiring into their workforces; training and upskilling; mentoring; as well as other programs to support their economic integration. Below are some of the companies supporting Ukrainian refugees.

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