Tent’s Gideon Maltz discusses how brands are stepping up to the refugee crisis

Tent’s Executive Director, Gideon Maltz, was interviewed as part of an in-depth feature by Ethical Corporation’s Michael Levitan about how brands can help to tackle the refugee crisis. In their conversation, Maltz emphasized how companies that choose to support refugees are not only doing the right thing; they’re also doing the smart thing.

“Brands have huge power. We think this is an area where it certainly has a huge impact for refugees, but is also good for the brand,” said Maltz.

The article points to findings from a 2019 research study commissioned by Tent which found 44 percent of consumers in Italy, France and Germany were more likely to buy products and services from companies that hire or help refugees, and 77 percent of millennials favored pro-refugee brands.

Reflecting on the research findings, Maltz noted, “Consumers want to buy from companies that are taking a stand on social issues and that are living their values.”

Read on to learn how companies like Chobani, Hilton, Uber Eats, and TD Bank are taking a stand and supporting refugees.

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