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The experience of Venezuelan refugees in Colombia and Peru

In the face of the Venezuelan refugee crisis we commissioned GBAO with conducting a survey to understand better the experiences and intentions of Venezuelan refugees. The findings of this survey – documented in the report that follows – provide valuable insights for any organization working on this crisis; they also underscore notably the need and opportunity for the business community to help Venezuelan refugees.

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Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Brazil

The Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Brazil is a practical toolkit intended to help employers who are interested in hiring refugees and asylum seekers but don’t know where to start.

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How Helping Refugees Helps Brands: Europe

Supporting refugees is a politicized issue. Brands are sometimes concerned about undertaking activities that support refugees and how they communicate them externally, for fear of alienating sections of their consumer base. This research shows that brands can do well by doing good. Overall, no matter how brands choose to support refugees, Europeans are with them and it should encourage companies to expand and proactively communicate their refugee efforts.

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To further our mission to mobilize the global business community to improve the lives and livelihoods of refugees, the Tent Partnership for Refugees invests in new research, guidebooks, and other resources that make it easier for companies to implement refugees initiatives. Tent’s research makes the business case for companies to support refugees, and our guidebooks offer advice and best practices to help companies start these initiatives. Tent also supports research that explores the policy barriers to and economic incentives for integrating refugees into the labor market in major refugee-hosting countries.

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Refugees Work: A Humanitarian Investment that Yields Economic Dividends

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