On visit to Colombia, Tent Founder Hamdi Ulukaya speaks to Colombian daily El Tiempo and Bloomberg about the Venezuelan refugee crisis

While visiting Bogota in August 2019, Tent Founder Hamdi Ulukaya sat down with El Tiempo reporter Camila Moreno Camargo to talk about the Tent Partnership for Refugees, the role businesses can play in addressing the refugee crisis, and how Colombia’s choice to welcome refugees has set an example for the world.

Ulukaya also spoke to Ezra Fieser of Bloomberg about the role of the business community in addressing the refugee crisis in Colombia. Noting the importance of economic integration for Venezuelan refugees, Ulukaya said, “The number one thing is hiring, a job… For a refugee, it’s day and night. That’s the point at which they find their life can continue.”

Read the full El Tiempo article in Spanish here.

The Bloomberg article was syndicated in the Washington Post, The National (UAE), and the Boston Globe among others.


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