Gideon Maltz on why businesses should hire refugees

Following the publication of Tent’s “U.S. Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees”, Gideon Maltz, Tent’s Executive Director, spoke with James Davis, the editor of HR Daily Advisor, in a two-part interview about hiring refugees. 

When asked what makes refugees a good source of labor, Maltz said, “They are highly resilient, hardworking, and motivated employees. U.S. employers also tell us that refugees feel a strong sense of loyalty to companies that invest in them and stay with them for longer on average than typical employees—that’s a significant dividend for employers facing the high costs of employee turnover.”

Highlighting the incentives for businesses to hire refugees, Maltz continued, “Beyond the benefit of bringing highly motivated and loyal employees into the workforce, there is also added value to a company’s brand. Hiring refugees demonstrates leadership and that a company is living its values. Increasingly, consumers are expecting businesses to be more than producers of goods and services, but to also create a positive impact on their communities.”

Read part one and part two of the interview to learn more about why businesses should hire refugees.

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