Hamdi Ulukaya and his “Anti-CEO Playbook” featured in the Financial Times

Hamdi Ulukaya was spotlighted by Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson at the Financial Times following his now famous 2019 TedTalk “The Anti-CEO Playbook”

In the article, Edgecliffe-Johnson walks readers through Ulukaya’s lecture, which highlights Chobani’s origin story, the company’s rapid ascent to become the leading Greek yogurt brand in the U.S., and the “anti-CEO playbook” Ulukaya developed along the way. 

Speaking with Edgecliffe-Johnson about his unique approach to business, Ulukaya said, “I think we as a business community… [hear] a lot of opinions from the lawyers, a lot of opinions from the PR people… We lost being human. I think it’s extremely important for brands and businesses to stay human because [business] is made of human beings.” 

Read the full article at the link below to learn more about how Hamdi Ulykaya leads as an “anti-CEO.”


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