Most Refugees live in urban areas, Apolitical reports

Apolitical’s Fergus Peace, and Brookings Institute Fellow, Jessica Brandt reported on Tent’s research paper “Are Refugees Located Near Urban Job Opportunities?” published in partnership with the Center for Global Development. 


The report highlights the significant overlap between refugees and job opportunities in the developing world, where 85 percent of the world’s refugees live. “Millions of refugees live in major urban areas — where better employment opportunities could help them much more than aid,” Peace writes. 


In addition to the report, researchers created an interactive map to help illustrate the areas of overlap. Brandt noted that  further mapping could “benefit the nearly two-thirds of the world’s refugees who reside in urban environments, and the communities that are grappling with the challenge of providing services that meet their needs.” 

View the interactive map here, and read the Apolotical’s coverage here, and the Brookings Institute coverage here.


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