Tent Founder Hamdi Ulukaya featured in Malaysian national press

as published in NYC on October 11, 2019

In April 2019, a delegation comprising of Tent founder Hamdi Ulukaya, CitiGroup Chair Jay Collins, former Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Mehemet Simsek, head of Unilever Malaysia Annemarieke de Haan and IDEAS CEO Ali Salman met with Malaysian politicians and businesses to make the case for granting refugees in the country the right to work.

Ulukaya and Simsek met with Malaysia’s biggest English-language daily, the Star, as well as national broadcaster Astro Awani and online outlet The Edge to discuss these issues.

Speaking to The Star, Ulukaya said, “Refugees have the potential to make significant economic contributions to Malaysia if they are given the right to work. Hiring refugees will change your business for the better. Refugees work hard, think outside the box and will make your workforce richer in experience, talent and passion.”

Simsek continued, “Turkey’s experience, in many ways, can serve as a model for many parts of the world. We not only have an open arm policy, we also strongly invest in educating the refugees, which means we are investing in peace.”

Find out more about the delegation’s visit to Malaysia on Awani Review.

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