UNSTUCK’s work with Venezuelan refugees featured in Bloomberg Línea

UNSTUCK, the Tent Partnership’s first consumer-facing initiative, was showcased across press in Latin America, including in Bloomberg Línea, PortalFrutiCola and TV Agro. The initiative, which seeks to create jobs for refugees by leveraging companies’ supply chains, recently developed its first product – Chobani® & UNSTUCK Greek Yogurt with Mangoes & Cream – made with mangoes sourced from producers in Peru and Colombia that employ Venezuelan refugees. 

By connecting host country producers with large, multinational brands, UNSTUCK aims to generate jobs for refugees, support local businesses, and achieve economic growth at scale. As Juan Blanco, Senior Manager of UNSTUCK said to PortalFrutiCola, “This is a great opportunity for Latin American producers to do business with some of the most important food and beverage brands in the world and, at the same time, have a social impact in their local communities.”

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