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Canada Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees

Throughout its history, Canada has been a haven for refugees. Not only has the country provided safety; it has allowed refugees to build new lives, and become key contributors to Canada’s economy and society. 

Leading companies throughout Canada have already committed to hiring refugees, playing a vital role in helping them to restart their lives, while at the same time benefiting from their talent, resilience, and ingenuity.

The Canada Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees is a manual for companies that are interested in hiring refugees, and have questions about the logistics and practicality of employing them in Canada. It includes information about:

  • Who refugees in Canada are, common countries of origin, and how they arrive.
  • The benefits of hiring refugees.
  • Where to find refugee talent.
  • The barriers refugees face in finding and securing employment, and the steps companies can take to mitigate them.
  • Information about hiring refugees, including in-depth reads on hiring refugees from Afghanistan and Ukraine.

This guide is a collaboration between the Tent Partnership for Refugees and ACCES Employment.