Tent joins Vice President Harris’s Call to Action in Support of the Northern Triangle

on May 27, 2021

The Tent Partnership for Refugees joined 12 other companies, social enterprises, and NGOs in responding to U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris’s Call to Action to make new commitments that sustainably address the root causes of migration in the Northern Triangle, by promoting economic opportunity in the region.

As part of this Call to Action, Tent will also join the Partnership for Central America  as a founding member, alongside Tent members Chobani, Mastercard, and Microsoft, and other non-profits such as ProMujer. The Partnership for Central America is a non-profit organization that was developed in support of the Vice President’s Call to Action to coordinate practical solutions to advance economic opportunity, address urgent climate, education and health challenges, and promote long-term investments and workforce capability for Central America. 

Tent has pledged to share best practices and lessons learned with the Partnership for Central America from working with our network of over 150 major businesses to implement commitments in support of refugees around the world. Tent will also leverage its business network to raise awareness of the root causes of migration and how companies can help improve conditions in Central America, for example by supporting education outcomes, creating jobs and entrepreneurship opportunities in the region, as well as sourcing more products from the Northern Triangle.

The Partnership for Central America complements an ambitious U.S. government strategy to address the root causes of migration from the region, which will involve the significant commitment of U.S. government resources — including efforts to address poverty, strengthen governance, combat corruption, and improve security. 

Speaking to business leaders that had gathered to discuss the Call to Action, Vice President Harris said, “I believe that the businesses — in particular, our private business sector — have a very significant role to play, as we all know, in creating jobs, in promoting economic opportunity, and in long-term development.”

“Chobani and Tent have seen time and again that creating jobs and economic opportunities are powerful forces for good and improve lives for many people,” said Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO of Chobani and founder of the Tent Partnership for Refugees. “Chobani and Tent are honored to work with the White House and other companies on this initiative in the Northern Triangle.”

A number of Tent member companies also joined the Vice President’s Call to Action: 

  • Chobani will bring its incubator program to Guatemala, where local food entrepreneurs will get expertise and support to help them set up and scale their operations.
  • Mastercard, in collaboration with public and private sector partners, will aim to bring 5 million people in the Northern Triangle into the financial system and digitalize 1 million micro- and small businesses.  
  • Microsoft will build on its presence in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to bring connectivity, skills, and greater opportunity to their citizens.

For the full list of commitments, please click here.

If Tent member companies are interested in joining the Call to Action, please contact us at [email protected].

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