This Women’s History Month, Ukrainian Refugee Shares Journey of Finding Work, Hope, and Purpose in Warsaw

Tent’s podcast “Refugees at Work” celebrates the contributions of refugees to their communities and economies. Our sixth episode features Maryna, a refugee from Ukraine who was one of the millions of people displaced by Russia’s invasion which began in February 2022.

Far from her previous life as a professor of pharmacy at the National University of Kharkiv, she traveled through Hungary, then found refuge in Poland’s capital, Warsaw in the early days of the conflict. 

After seeing an advertisement for a job opening at a hotel in Warsaw, Maryna decided to apply. Today, she works in hospitality at Hotel Bristol, a luxury hotel owned and operated by Tent member, Marriott.

“It’s more important for Ukrainian women to know about this project,” Maryna said of Tent’s Sunflower Project, an initiative to connect displaced Ukrainian women to jobs in Europe,, “…because it will mean a higher level for Ukrainian people. It will [lead to] a job with a good salary.” 

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