How Business Can Invest in the Future of the Rohingya and Host Community in Bangladesh

Irene Yuan Sun, John Speakman, and Cindy Huang

Jessica Wanless/IRC

Bangladesh is hosting more than a million Rohingya refugees, and businesses have a critical role to play in improving the situation for them and their Bangladeshi host communities.

In this report, the Center for Global Development has identified four viable areas for business investment and procurement in Cox’s Bazar, the historically under-developed region that is hosting the Rohingya refugees: clean energy; fish, shrimp, and seafood; fruits such as mango and pineapple; and handicrafts, specialized clothing, and home goods. This brief covers the background to the crisis and how it is affecting Bangladesh, why business should get involved, what investment and sourcing opportunities exist, and what next steps for interested businesses could be.