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The Tent Partnership for Refugees is a non-partisan 501(c)(3) organization that supports practical research and analysis that helps inform the private sector, governments, nonprofits, and other stakeholders. Tent engages credible, independent experts and research organizations to undertake this work. While Tent compensates them for their research and analysis, Tent does not seek to influence their findings. Tent is committed to the independence and integrity of the research and analysis it funds.

Guidebooks Hiring / Supply Chains
U.S. Employers’ Guide to Hiring Refugees

Companies can show leadership and send an important message by committing to hire refugees. This guidebook, developed in partnership with Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, outlines essential information on the logistics, benefits, challenges and solutions related to refugee recruitment and employment retention in the United States.

Research Reports Impact Investment
Global Businesses and Refugee Crises

Global businesses can make unique, sustainable, and valuable contributions to the refugee response by leveraging core business practices. This report, developed in partnership with the Center for Global Development, identifies three ways for companies to leverage their core business to help refugees.

Policy Briefs Hiring / Supply Chains
Step Up: How to Get Refugees Into Work Quickly

Getting refugees into work is a top priority. It fast-tracks their integration into their new communities. This report, developed in conjunction with the Open Political Economy Network, outlines sixteen recommendations for governments, NGOs, and businesses to facilitate refugee employment and highlights best practices and promising new approaches.

Surveys Other
Tent Tracker: Public Perceptions of the Refugee Crisis (2017)

In December 2016, Tent commissioned its second public opinion survey on the perceptions of refugees amongst the population of 12 countries. AudienceNet conducted a comprehensive survey of 12,500 individuals from Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Greece Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The findings of this survey show that while the public has many conflicting views about welcoming refugees into their communities, there is plenty of opportunity to positively shift the narrative.

Surveys Other
Refugee Voices

With so much written and discussed about public opinion of refugees and the policies that would impact their lives, the Tent Partnership for Refugees commissioned extensive survey research to hear from refugees in their own words. AudienceNet conducted a comprehensive survey of 1,500 refugees living in Germany, Jordan, and Greece. The findings from this polling are compelling, sometimes heartbreaking, and provide important insight for communities, policy makers, and concerned citizens around the world.

Surveys Other
Tent Tracker 2016: Qualitative Surveys

In March 2016, Tent commissioned in-depth, qualitative research to better understand the public perception of refugees and the refugee crisis in five countries—Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, and Turkey. Tent sought to better understand the general public’s awareness of the issue, why they believed what they did, and explore ways in which those opinions could be shifted.


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