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Integrating Refugees Through Impact Sourcing

In partnership with leading business process outsourcing associations, Tent has launched an impact sourcing initiative in Colombia to advance the integration of Venezuelan refugees and support their host communities.
More than 7 million people have fled Venezuela in recent years - with Colombia alone welcoming more than 2.5 million Venezuelans. While many Venezuelans have high levels of education and good English language skills, they still face barriers to finding decent jobs.

The business process outsourcing (BPO) sector in Colombia is well positioned to address this challenge. In fact, many of these firms are already hiring Venezuelans to work alongside their Colombian employees. Giving Venezuelans employment is helping them to better integrate into their new communities, while BPO firms are benefitting from a committed and hard-working workforce.

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Co-host of the Impact Sourcing Initiative

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Co-host of the Impact Sourcing Initiative

Companies are looking to impact sourcing to tap into new sources of talent, while also supporting job creation for vulnerable groups

Colombia has gone to great lengths to help Venezuelan refugees to economically integrate; yet unemployment among Venezuelans remains exceptionally high. Tent’s Impact Sourcing Initiative aims to scale job creation for Venezuelans by uniting multinational companies and BPO service providers through a coordinated effort.

Participating Companies

Major BPO companies in Colombia and leading multinationals have joined Tent’s Impact Sourcing Initiative. Together, these companies are creating job opportunities for Venezuelans in Colombia & Brazil. To date, more than 4,500 Venezuelans have been hired at participating BPO firms, with considerable business benefits.

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